We give cars to incredible moms.

A car can help a single mom and her children literally move forward. With a car, mom can get to work, visit the doctor, pick up groceries; life becomes a lot easier. Addressing this barrier to opportunity makes a big difference.

Turning regular men into heroes

It’s not just about the mom. We pair our neediest moms with the “burliest” bearded friends. These guys might look like they’re from Hell’s Angels, but they show up at our single mama’s doorstep to serve her and her children for a day. The goal is to spoil their socks off and end the day with a memorable car giveaway. The impact it makes on the “burly” men can often be as great as the impact it makes on the mom. Through our initiative, mom and her kids will now have a new set of wheels and new friends who will continue to be a part of their lives in the journey ahead.

Maurice Selvais

Thank you for what you do! You are making America great!

Christine Wollman

Just read and shared an article about how this company is helping single moms. As a single mom and a Christian, I applaud you! Kudos to your company!

Shane Eastman

Man, how awesome is this! I love seeing small business owners pouring profits into areas that have been forgotten! Single mothers are amazing women that often go unnoticed...

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Let's drink to the
champions of life! Mothers!

Every subscription to Burly Man Coffee helps to support single mothers.

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[OUR] definition of burly


/ ˈbər-lē / adjective

: Christlikeness; to be Jesus with skin on to a hurting world

Synonyms for burly man

gentleman; chivalrous; heroic; man of integrity and high morals

Antonyms for burly man

Toxic masculinity; macho; misogynistic; vulgar;


barbarian; bum; deadbeat